• Ioannis Stavrakantonakis

    I am an Electronic and Computer Engineer specializing in software development and web development. I live in Innsbruck of Austria and at this period of time I am working full time as a Research and Development Engineer in Semantic Web at the research institute Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck of Prof. Dieter Fensel at the Univ. of Innsbruck.

    My research initiatives could be described in one sentence as: "Making sense of Web Data". For further information please check my Google scholar profile for publications.

    Also, I'm an alumni member of the Lab. of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems And Applications (MUSIC) of Technical Univ. of Crete.

    During my R&D efforts there is not much time left for non-research activities. However, I'm always looking forward to some photoshooting sessions, tennis, travelling and book reading.

  • Metrics*

    Pursuing new ideas
    Research in Semantic Web, User behaviour, User modeling, Semantic annotations, coding for research/fun
    European Projects
    Applying Semantic Web technologies on various domains in the scope of EU/Austrian projects
    German course
    Leisure time
    Tennis, Running, Cycling
    Agile roadmap: Concrete goals but flexible & adjustable process
    *Based on statistics from Q4 2012

  • Research & Development

    In the scope of my diploma thesis "Interoperability support between OWL 2.0 and XML environments" [PDF][PPT] I familiarised myself with Semantic Web vision and technologies including RDF, OWL, SPARQL.

    Being an engineer, my research initiatives draw from practical applications and problems. Working on interoperability issues between the Semantic Web ecosystem and legacy XML environments was the main objective of my diploma thesis. At my current position I'm looking more into various aspects of the Semantic Web and the Social Web:

    • Open Data, Linked Data, Personal data
    • User modelling with ontologies
    • User behaviour

    Coding and experimenting in the Web sphere (e.g. "Accessible Vienna") is part of my free-time activities. You can find some of them online.

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    contact me via: Linkedin Twitter Google+

    Whatever you would like to share with me, do not hesitate to drop me a line (except for spam). I will do my best to answer within a reasonable timeframe :)

    I always look forward meeting people with innovative ideas, bloggers, professionals, geeks, software developers, software designers, entrepreneurs and creative individuals.

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